Age-Appropriate Program Principles


AGES 3-4

Early Pre-K classes cover a fun and basic introduction to the game. An orientation to sports help give our youngest players basic tools to familiarize with their surroundings. Focal points in classes include introduction of how to grasp specific skills and incorporate basic offensive and defensive concepts for each sport.

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AGES 4-5

Pre-K and Kindergarten classes cover many unique aspects of our sports. We begin with giving our young bulldogs a sense of their surroundings; where they are and why, how to navigate the playing surfaces by utilizing spacing. Proper positioning and appropriate body movements are taught and reviewed weekly throughout our sessions.


AGES 6-8

1st and 2nd grade classes begin with a review of spacing and fundamentals. Our sports programs will be engaging and fun athletic activities for your children. Classes cover the appropriate aspects of the games, including going over spacing, agilities, and skills. The rules will be reviewed to ensure all players have a strong understanding of the sport as they advance through the bulldog program.

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AGES 9-10

3rd and 4th grade classes cover intermediate and concepts and playing review. Advanced integration will allow for your kids to elevate their knowledge and capacity of sports as they get older. Classes advance to positional planning, intermediate and advanced levels of creating plays, and the mental approach to a sport.


AGES 11-13

5th grade and middle school grades are brought up to speed on the concepts and review of rules, while allowing for growth in the physical and mental side of sports. More sports-specific fundamentals will be gradually incorporated as coaches see fit, allowing for the development process to take place. 


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AGES 13-16

Middle school and high school kids are integrated into higher level of training and programs. Skill level is evaluated and nurtured by experienced bulldog coaches, ensuring players are reaching their overall potential. Advanced in-game strategy is implemented, allowing for the mental side of the game to expand. 



The Bulldog Ball Club offers After-School programs in the fall, winter and spring seasons. The Bulldogs After School Program takes place during the week for children ages 3 – 12. The NY Bulldogs Travel Baseball Program is a weekday and weekend program for players 8u – 16u. The NY Bulldogs Travel Basketball Program offers pre-season training workouts for players 8u – 12u. With an emphasis on fundamentals, these classes are the perfect opportunity for beginning and intermediate players to work on learning the game.



The Bulldog Baseball and Basketball Leagues are instructional programs for players ages 6-12.  In the fall, we offer a Saturday Baseball League and Saturday Flag Football League for children ages 6U – 12u. In the winter, the Bulldogs offer a Saturday Basketball League for children ages 6U – 8U. Each session will begin with a pre-game/instructional practice followed by a game. Your child can create their own team of players with classmates, friends or just register to assigned to a team. Full teams of players from the same school will wear uniforms with their school colors. (No tryout required)



The Bulldog Travel baseball and basketball programs are designed for players to go up against some of the top competition in the tri-state area. Tryout is required for all players. Our coaching philosophy is to provide a positive, long term development and education to our players. Our core values are Positivity, Effort, Perseverance, and Sportsmanship. We stress teaching baseball fundamentals while emphasizing  how to play baseball and basketball the correct way; by respecting umpires, officials, coaches, teammates, opponents and the game.


The Bulldog Ball Club and it’s NY Bulldogs travel professional staff offer Winter Training for players of all ages. These intimate lessons are a great way for your child to increase their skills and learn in a comfortable environment. Winter Training is offered outdoors at indoors at specific UES locations. 

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The Bulldogs offer a Basketball Skills Factory program is designed to help players improve basketball skills and fundamentals: ball handling, proper shooting form, passing, footwork, defense, and offensive fundamentals that are universal to the game. The sessions will include breaking down the mechanics of each aspect of the game in order to maximize player confidence and opportunities for success on the court in game situations.


Our Hamptons and NYC Summer Camps provide the perfect place for your children to be exposed to multiple skills and sports. Your children will play and learn the nuances of sports in a fun, wholesome environment, conducive to individual growth. A fun and instructional day includes skill work and game play. Groups are separated to ensure there is appropriate instruction for beginners and experienced players alike. The camp features professional Bulldog coaches who work year-round with all of our programs. They promote high level curriculum and techniques designed for positive youth development individually and collectively. Positivity, effort, perseverance, and sportsmanship are emphasized each week in context of sports and teamwork.