Baseball Winter Training


We at the Bulldog Baseball Program believe in what so many great players and champions have believed before us; that winners are made in the off season. Our Winter training program consists of productive fun that will prepare your child for the upcoming baseball season and promote long term athletic development. We will be offering a Head Start Off-season training beginning in November and a Winter Off-Season training beginning in January. Here are the program details below.

Head Start Off-Season Training

Dates: November 15 - December 16 (Offered daily Mondays through Fridays)

Details: Each session will run 60-90 minutes so pick the program that works best for you.

You can select as many days that you would like your child to attend.

Winter Off-Season Training

Dates: January 2 - March 11 (Offered daily Mondays through Saturdays)

Details: You pick the day to attend each week. Sessions run 60-90 minutes.

What to expect

-Strength and Conditioning-
-Hitting and Throwing Mechanics-
-Arm Care-
-Pitching Lab-
-Defensive Skill Work-
-Mental Toughness and Approach-

After School Programs


The Bulldogs After School Program during the winter months includes Flag Football and Basketball. Programs are offered on a limited basis so if you are interested in forming an after school program for your child's school or pod, please email

Bulldog Travel Basketball

basketball logo

Travel Basketball is a highly competitive environment for players 8U-12U. We seek to choose the most highly skilled and competitive of players to represent Bulldog Ball Club.  Players play games on weekends (mostly Sundays, as well as some Saturdays) against top competition in New York City. Players must attend team practices before and during the season. Tryouts or an evaluation are required for all players in order to be considered for the Bulldog Travel Basketball program.

Basketball Skills Factory


Our Basketball Skills Factory program is designed to help players improve basketball skills and fundamentals. Specifically, ball-handling, proper shooting form, passing, footwork, defense, and offensive fundamentals are emphasized as universal and key fundamental aspects to playing the game. These sessions will include breaking down the mechanics of each aspect of the game in order to maximize player confidence and opportunities for success on the court during actual in-game situations.