Free Driveline Hitting Plyo Program


Why use Hitting Plyos?
For hitters from Little League to Major League Baseball, hitting plyos have several benefits including improved attack angle and immediate feedback, but improved contact quality is the most obvious.


“Good hitter” can be described with a variety of idioms – “has the hit tool”,  “gets knocks”, or “finds barrels”. When a hitter struggles in these regards, it generally means he struggles to make consistent, hard contact. This can be due to insufficient bat path, negative attack angle, poor direction, etc.


For hitters, these issues can manifest as the inability to drive the baseball, remain consistent, or even ultimately stay in the line up.


Varying the load/density of a hitters training via hitting plyos can help improve hitters bat path, barrel direction, and consistency.


The most common responses from athletes and coaches who begin training with hitting plyos correctly are: 

“My attack angle is so much better now. I came around -3 degrees, but now I sit around 10 degrees.” 

“I feel like I’m on plane with the pitch much earlier now.” 

“I’m hitting balls harder and more consistently.”