I am enrolling my child in a sport activity program offered by The Bulldog Ball Club.

I fully understand and recognize that my child’s participation in such sport activity program carries with it a risk of physical injury. I, on behalf of myself and my child, agree that The Bulldog Ball Club, its agents, employees, sponsors, and volunteers shall not be liable to me or my child or our respective heirs or legal representatives for any injury or damage, however caused, resulting directly or indirectly from my child’s participation in any Bulldog Ball Club activity program (the “Event(s)”), at any time preceding, during or after such program is in session, and I hereby waive, and release and discharge The Bulldog Ball Club and its agents, employees, sponsors and volunteers from any and all actions, claims and demands which I or my child may have in connection with any such injury or damage.

I acknowledge that my child must strictly adhere to all rules and instructions during the Event(s). My child is in good health and has no disability or condition that renders his/her participation in the Event(s) medically inadvisable, or otherwise limits his/her ability to participate.

I permit my child to be transported to and from the Program in any manner, including transportation by a car or a passenger van driven by an employee or agent of the Bulldog Ball Club.

By agreeing to this Waiver of Liability & Disclaimer when registering, I acknowledge I have read and accept all enrollment conditions and policies, including the refund policy and release from liability.