“You have the best and most understanding coaches and every player feels like a valuable part of the team. The most important thing you do is stress fun and sportsmanship over “winning at all costs’. The program truly helps the kids build character.” -Parent of NY Bulldogs Fall Program Player

“We have been thrilled with the preschool baseball program – great instruction, low student to instructor ratio, and responsive administration. Thank you!” -Parent of Bulldogs Fall After School Program Participant

“We would be happy to enroll in both Bulldog Basketball and Baseball all year if offered. Obviously at different times for the same grade and school. The coaches are amazing and your greatest asset!” - Parent of Bulldogs Winter Program Participant

“I have said numerous times to friends that “Adam and Rob are exactly what you want in coaches for your sons”. They are students of the game, but also know how to communicate to both the boys and the parents…and especially when talking to boys, are able convey when they’re not happy with a play etc., in an acceptable fashion. Of course it was nice for the boys to win their league this season, but clearly it’s about them learning numerous lessons that extend beyond the field.” -Parent of NY Bulldogs Fall Program Player

“I think overall you guys do a terrific job and I was especially impressed with the Saturday baseball my son did. He has learned so much and while he has a lot more skills to learn he is very enthusiastic about learning them with bulldog. Thank you.” -Parent of Bulldogs Fall After School And Saturday League Program Participant

“Hudson has really enjoyed this semester, the pace of the practices is varied and appropriate with engaging drills and rotating activities. It’s a well-executed practice.” -Parent of Bulldogs Fall After School Program Participant

“I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful coaches for such a great and positive experience for my three children. Although they range in age from 6-12 all three of them received such great instruction and with such a positive and encouraging way. I am very thankful that they were able to have this experience over the summer and look forward to repeating it again. Again thank you.” – Amanda, parent of Bulldogs Summer camper.

“I just wanted to thank you all from the Bulldog Ball Club!! You are all the best I have EVER seen and My BOYS absolutely loved the entire experience..  You are all wonderful people and are great with kids. Thank you for teaching CJ and John the game correctly and please keep us in mind whenever you do anything… “ – Sandy, parent of Bulldogs Summer camper.

“Thank you so much to the counselors at The Bulldog Summer Camp! My girls had an awesome time last week and look forward to seeing you all again! Thank you!” – Julie, parent of Bulldogs Summer camper


“We were lucky to have you here this summer. Samantha has a new appreciation for the game and learned so much. You’re entire team is amazing and taught important values and respect to our children. Thank you so much!” – Melissa, parent of Bulldogs Summer camper.

“My husband and I have been to a number of functions this summer [in East Hampton] from 4th of July parties, the library, local stores with Hunter wearing his Bulldog apparel to friends BBQ’s and the buzz around town about camp is WONDERFUL!!!! Every kid has had an amazing experience and parents are very excited about the coaches.  They are all getting fantastic feedback. One little girl said “Coach Casey is my roll model!” – Kristy, parent of Bulldogs Summer camper.

“The baseball party was fantastic. The coaches had the boys playing baseball within minutes of arriving and kept them going through drills and a ‘real’ game. There were three coaches and they worked very well together.  My son Reilly just loved it and we are so thankful again for your very generous donation. I’m happy to be a great reference for you if you ever need one.” Noreen, parent of Bulldogs Birthday Party child.

“I wanted to send a quick note to thank you all for a great day of coaching/playing on Saturday, and for recruiting Aidan to baseball. He really LOVES it! He is having so much fun, and it’s really nice to see how much he enjoys being part of the team.” – Linda, parent of Bulldogs Futures League player.

“Thanks Bulldogs!!! You guys are the absolute best!!! Already looking forward to next summer!! Henry says… “They’re coming back again? I’m in!!” – Jaymie, parent of Bulldogs Summer camper.

“My girls had a great time with all of you! They have both said it was the best week of the summer !!! See you all next year!!!” – Julie, parent of Bulldogs Summer camper.