Our Coaches are leaders, dedicated to more than the basics of competition.  As professional educators, leaders, and role models for players, NY Bulldogs coaches promise to do their best to:

  • Exemplify the highest character as a role model for young players.
  • Recognize the individual worth and reinforce the self-image of each team member.
  • Help define realistic team goals for each season with the players.
  • Encourage and assist players to set personal sports and school goals.
  • Proved a safe, challenging and encouraging environment for practice and competition.
  • Gain an awareness of the importance of prevention, care, and treatment of athletic injuries.
  • Teach and abide by the rules of the game.
  • Build and maintain ethical relationships with players, parents, coaches and opponents.
  • Strive for excellence in coaching skills and techniques through professional improvement.
  • Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.


We expect our players to promise the following:

  • To develop the skills necessary to participate competently.
  • To demonstrate knowledge of the rules and situations of the game.
  •  To be dependable in fulfilling obligations and commitments.
  •  To accept responsibility for consequences of actions, to not make excuses or blame others.
  •  To be committed.
  •  To persevere and give 100% effort at all times.  Demonstrate sportsmanship.  Display positivity.
  •  To play by the rules of the game and demonstrate truthfulness.
  •  To control anger and frustration and refrain from displays of temper and bad language.
  •  To accept losing and winning graciously.
  •  To keep commitments to the team.
  •  To show team spirit, encourage others and contribute to good morale.
  •  To put the good of the team ahead of personal goals.
  •  To set a good example for teammates, younger athletes, and fans.
  • Players will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including to the following:

First Offense:  1 game suspension

Second Offense: 2 game suspension

Third Offense: Expulsion from program without refund


Parents play a vital role in the development of their child in association with the NY Bulldogs staff.  We expect parents to do the following:

  • Be the primary source of positive encouragement for your child.
  • Be a fan of the team, not just your child.
  • Show respect for your child’s opponents, teammates, coaches and officials.
  • Let the coaches coach.  Please do not instruct from the sidelines.
  • Help their child learn that success is experienced in the development of their skills and that they can feel good about themselves, win or lose.
  • Address concerns with coaches in an appropriate manner, including proper time and place.
  • Respect the coaches decisions and show your support of decisions