• Ages 4-5
  • About Bulldog Ball Club

The Mission Of The Bulldog Ball Club

•To Teach Children Baseball, Basketball, and Flag Football
•To Introduce The Proper Mechanics of Baseball, Basketball, and Flag Football
•To Teach The Values Of Positivity, Effort, Perseverance, and Sportsmanship

Join Us!

The Bulldogs offer multiple programs across different seasons.

In the Spring and Fall, sign up for Baseball Development After School Classes in New York City for children ages 3 – 10, the Bulldog Baseball League for children ages 6-9, and Travel Baseball Teams for 8U – 12U.

In the Winter, the Bulldogs offer After School Basketball, After School Indoor Baseball, and Travel Baseball Winter Training. All programs are in New York City.

In the Summer, enjoy our Baseball & Softball Summer Camp, Multi-Sport Summer Camp (new in 2016!), or Private Baseball Classes, all in the Hamptons.

Children learn age-appropriate fundamental skills and are introduced to basic game concepts. Through group work, small games, and inter-team play, children learn the foundations of sports and are introduced to the values of positivity, effort, perseverance, and sportsmanship.

Age 3

Ages 3-4

Early Pre-K classes cover a fun and basic introduction to the game. Spacial orientation games help give our youngest players basic tools to utilize their surroundings. Focal points of classes include what bases are, how to be safe, and how to get outs. The complex defensive concepts of outs and how to create outs are gently introduced with simple and fun games; basic base running concepts and fly balls are covered.

Ages 4-5

Ages 4-5

Pre-K and Kindergarten classes cover many aspects of the game. We begin with an introduction to field space and base running to give our youngest players a sense of their surroundings; where they are, what the field is, and how bases are utilized. Hitting position, bat placement, and body movements in the swing are taught and reviewed weekly. Fielding and throwing mechanics are incorporated.

Ages 6-8

Ages 6-8

1st and 2nd grade classes begin with a review of field space and base running. Hitting position, body movements, fielding, and throwing mechanics are covered. Classes advance to relay work, infield and outfield strategy, intermediate base running concepts, and intermediate levels of creating outs based on ability. Pitching and catching are introduced.

Ages 9-10

Ages 9-10

3rd and 4th grade classes cover intermediate and advanced field space concepts and base running review. Classes advance to defensive positional planning, intermediate and advanced levels of creating outs, and the mental approach to hitting. Beginning and intermediate levels of pitching and catching are covered. Players hit coach pitching and player pitching as appropriate.